Martin Audio MLA Compact

Martin Audio MLA Compact

MLA Compact is a fully integrated system. It brings together the latest technologies in acoustic design, amplification, DSP and industry-leading optimisation software — with communications and control via an easy-to-use audio network. MLA Compact arrays can be remotely controlled from a PC or wireless tablet running VU-NET™ control software.


  • Numerically optimised, fully-integrated, compact
    touring sound system
  • Cellular array format with built-in amplification,
    DSP and digital networking
  • 5 dedicated Class D amplifier channels per
    enclosure for individual powering and DSP control
    of individual cells
  • Industry leading DISPLAY2.1 intelligent software
    interacts with onboard DSP for highly accurate array optimisation Eliminates trial-and-error array preset library approximations
  • “Fly-by-wire” software adjusts vertical coverage
    electronically to cope with changing environmental
    conditions and last minute changes in rigging
    height. “Hard-avoid” areas, such as on-stage,
    ceilings and site perimeter, can be programmed in
  • Switched mode power supplies with PFC
    (Power Factor Correction) and global mains
    voltage operation
  • Three-way design delivers LF/MF/HF peak SPL’s
    of 135/135/135dB @ 1m from a single, compact enclosure
  • Fast, integral flying system for suspension of up to
    24 enclosures
  • True 100° (-6dB) horizontal constant directivity,
    mid and high frequency pattern control. Consistent
    and usable out to 130° (-10dB)
  • 65Hz–18kHz ± 3dB full bandwidth
    frequency response


  • Desired house-curve achieved right from power-up
  • Automatic, intelligent configuration and optimisation eliminates trial and error in system set-up
  • Improved venue-to-venue,
    gig-to-gig consistency and
  • Artistic changes to balance at
    the mix position (or elsewhere)
    translate directly and accurately
    throughout the audience
  • Exceptionally high powerdensity
    means tighter truck-pack for
    higher SPL compared to other
  • “Greener” audio power via PFC
    (Power Factor Correction)
  • Programmable leakage parameter
    to meet environmental noise constraints


  • Premium touring sound reinforcement for medium-size venues
  • Fixed installations in concert halls, theatres, ballrooms and HoW
  • Side hang for MLA festival and arena systems


  • (W) 788mm x (H) 280mm x (D) 500mm 


  •  49,5Kg